30 Challenges for 30 years of Cornwall Air Ambulance!

Posted by   MCPR on    February 27, 2018

1st Redruth Guides and Rangers will be visiting the Cornwall Air Ambulance Open Day on 18th February to present the results of their fundraising between September and Christmas – a cheque for £400!

The girls were interested in the challenge to do 30 of something to celebrate 30 years of the Air Ambulance saving lives in Cornwall – but they couldn’t agree what to do 30 of!! So in true Guiding spirit they decided to do thirty lost of thirty things with all the girls chipping in ideas about what to do.

We did a huge range of activities from making paracord keyrings to sell, to baking cookies and cakes for a coffee evening. We challenged ourselves with walking 30 kilometres, doing 3 thirty minute dance and exercise sessions and learning to say Hello in 30 different languages, as well as learning 30 words in sign language. We also tried food from 30 different countries and ate 30 S’mores (between us, not each!) after making emergency shelters in the woods in 30 minutes. There were lot of other challenges to so we all achieved 30 new things.

We had a great term full of new personal and team challenges and thanks to the generosity of family and friend who sponsored us to do all this we are thrilled to have raised £400 and look forward to presenting it and seeing the Air Ambulance and paramedics on 18th.