Bolitho Shield

Posted by   rachael on    August 16, 2015

Bolitho Shield Competition 2014-2015

The last 3 years seem to have flown by and, after feedback from the 2012 Bolitho shield Challenge, it was decided once again to hold 3 rounds, Unit, Division & the County Final. 25 Units applied for the first round. This round, with a theme of World War I, consisted of map work, code breakers, designing a pennant, (the pennant would be taken to the Division and County rounds) and making a food parcel watertight. This round was posted or emailed out to the units, giving an evening’s programme through the mail, which the Leaders seemed to appreciate. This year, we tried to make all 3 rounds closer together, but it is quite a task to fit in with holidays and the County diary. However, this was achieved within 15 weeks, from beginning to end. The Division round held in April consisted of compass work, a First Aid scenario, constructing a way of keeping water clean (in the trenches) and singing a World War I song. The units had a choice of 3 and, of course, their pennants were judged again. And then came the FINAL, which was held in June at Turner’s Hall in Boscawen Park, Truro.

County Final of Bolitho Shield

The Patrols were given an egg each to cherish. The day included following as much as possible of the Truro City trail in one and an half hours, taking their eggs with them. So the first challenge was to create a carrier to transport their egg, which needed to be held by two people throughout the expedition and was to be the only support for the egg. The ease of transporting their eggs on its "transport" varied, at times on narrow pavements it involved walking backwards. One egg was cradled with hands - not quite the idea! The City trail proved challenging, even for the supervising adults, but previously unknown back streets of Truro were discovered and explored. Everyone returned safely to the pick-up point for return to base. Unfortunately we had one casualty, as one egg hit the dust, or should we say smashed the dust. On returning to base and, having eaten lunch, the next task was to build a catapult to propel the egg as far as possible. Firing the catapults drew members of the public to the river bank, who enjoyed the fun. The first patrol had three attempts - one going straight up and the other two backwards, the egg breaking on the final attempt.

The next Patrol had one attempt only and their egg made the river. No further attempts were possible asthe egg smashed on impact and was quickly devoured by the seagulls. The third patrol also had one attempt, their egg making it beyond the river bank and smashing on the rocks, again the seagulls were at hand to clean up for us. Yes, the eggs were fresh and uncooked, not that the seagulls minded. The pennants created for the District round were judged again and the girls had been able to improve them since previous rounds. They sang again the songs prepared for the Division round and the Guides included hand-bells, dance, movement and a verse of modern words, as well as the original words. An Eggcellent day .- enjoyed by the Guides, their Leaders, the assessors, the public and the seagulls.

Congratulations to the winners Germoe and Breage Guides from Tregonning District and also a very well done to the other two Patrols, Tywardreath and Jacobstow Guides. All did an eggcellent job. Our thanks were given to Mrs Bolitho, who came to present the Shield and assisted with the judging. The County's thanks to the Task and Finish group responsible for organising the three sets of challenges for the District, Division and County rounds and all aspects of the County final. The team was led by Carole Webster.

Bolitho Shield

Pam Goudge, Assistant County Commissioner