Brownies do Disney! Day 2

Posted by   rachael on    July 12, 2016

Day 2 of Brownies do Disney!


Early on the Wednesday morning we woke up early and had our breakfast, excited for the day ahead filled with rides and Disney Magic! We got on the shuttle bus and ran into the park. We had already decided that the first ride we wanted to go on was Space Mountain! We were super excited about this ride so we ran down to the ride as soon as it opened and the queue was so short! We boarded the ride, really excited to go on this ride. 

We came off giggling and excited, desperate to go on it again! So we ran back on and rode again! 

A lot of the morning we spent going on our favourite rides in the park! So after lunch we headed to Walt Disney Studios where we hadn't done as many of the rides! The first was to redo the Tower of Terror! I think this photo of our faces says it all! 


Hands shaking, exhilarated and eager for more, we walked down to Toy Story Land and found the parachute drop ride! The aim of the ride was to be thrown up into the air and dropped like you were on a parachute! We all really enjoyed this ride! 


 Parachute drop.jpg


We then queued for the Ratatouille ride. We had heard a lot of good reviews of this ride so we were really excited. In the queue we met a young girl on holiday with her family who was really excited to see a group of Brownies on her holiday! So we took a group photo with her! We felt like celebrities! 



Dinner time was at the Planet Hollywood restaurant! The food was so good and we all really enjoyed ourselves looking at the costumes that were used in famous films! 




Realizing we were late for the parade, we ran down to Disneyland and secured our spots for the parade! We gazed in awe as all the princesses and characters came past us on their floats! Yes there were a few tears in the leaders eyes, but we had something in our eyes! It was a magical time and we loved it! 






After the parade, we went and did a final lap of our favourite rides and did a little bit more shopping. We then took our places for the firework display! These beautiful fireworks ended a perfect couple of days in Disney! When can we go back again?