Brownies do Disney! Day 1

Posted by   rachael on    June 3, 2016

3rd Torpoint and 1st Downderry Brownies do Disney! 


Day 1 

On the 30th May 2016, at 3:30 in the morning, 9 excited leaders and 9 even more excited Brownies met up to go on a pack holiday of a life time to Disneyland Paris! You'd think at that time in the morning, everyone would be extremely sleepy but not when the time to meet Mickey Mouse was finally here! After months of fundraising events such as bag packing, raffles and quiz nights we were finally on our way. 


We arrived in London for our grand adventure around 11:00 in the morning. After the hustle and bustle of getting through security to get on the Eurostar we had finally done it! We plonked our bags down, took a sigh of relief and waited for the Eurostar! A lovely man came over and gave us toys for being so well behaved! After about an hours wait we finally boarded the train! It was very exciting going on a tunnel under the sea! Before we knew it we had arrived in France!!

 Waiting for the eurostar


After a long day of travelling, we ate our dinner and went straight to sleep! After all, the sooner you go to sleep the quicker Disneyland was going to happen!! The next morning, we woke up, got ready as quickly as we could and boarded the bus to Disneyland!! 

 In front of the gates


We were all extremely excited for what we were going to see in Disney! Who would we meet? What rides were we going to go on? We just couldn't wait! What we didn't expect was how beautiful the castle looked and how it would take our breath away! 

rsz_71 (1).jpg


Walking through the castle was amazing! The story of Sleeping Beauty so beautifully told in French animated by photos in the stained glass




First stop! Le carrousel de Lancelot - or the merry go round to you and I. We got on the gorgeous horses and went round and round whilst Colours of the Wind played in the background! We got very dizzy!! 

Merry go round  


After a ride on the horses, we then went on a ride which took you on a tour of Pinocchios house and told you the story of how he turned into a little boy! We then went on the Pirates and the Carribean ride, where you sailed on a boat through the land of the pirates! It was all extremely exciting. 

Walking through the park, we found the sword in the stone! Obviously we all had to try and have a go and see if we could be the ones to pull the sword out, unfortunately we failed in our mission :( 

 sword in the stone

Failing in our mission, we took a slow walk around the park searching for the big rides for the thrill seekers among us! We found the Indianna Jones ride and ran through the lanes to queue up, nerves filling our bodies as we were so excited! As we boarded the ride, excitement got the better of us and we giggled and screamed as we dropped from great heights and went upside down and round loop the loops! It was a very fun ride and we were desperate to do it again, but for those unfortunately not tall enough we decided on finding another ride. We settled on the Phantom Manor where you sit in a car and it takes you on a tour of a scary house where scary ghosts and spirits greet you on every turn! 


We all came off trembling from the scary sights, so we decided to go for a walk and find some lunch, however on our walk to the restaurant we found a dear friend in Winnie the Pooh! So we queued up and waited patiently for a hug and his autograph! 


Finally it was time for lunch! We had decided on pizza and to our surprise, the pizza's were shaped like Mickey Mouses head!! This made them taste a lot yummier! 

 Mickey Pizza.jpg

We also got especially excited when Rapunzel walked past us! Our leader Rachael got especially excited and cried when she waved at us! 


Tummies full and princesses met, we head off to meet Buzz Lightyear and fight the evil emperor Zurg! We sat in the cars and loaded our guns, waiting to see who could score the most points!

Buzz lightyear.jpg

We saved the universe and then decided it was time to do some more scary rides before dinner time! We walked over to Walt Disney studios to explore the Tower of Terror! We walked inside terrified of what we may find and walked into the library where the bell hop terrified us whilst we watched a video about why the hotel was haunted. Scared already, we climbed inside the lift and shot up to the skies and then dropped a good few feet at great speed! We were told to enjoy the view before the ride started. We could see why as when you reached the top of the ride the doors opened and you could see all across Disneyland! Not for long though as you were then dropped so fast again! We came off giggling though so that's always a good sign!

tower of terror.jpg

It was then time for dinner. We walked up to watch the Wild West show with our dinner. We waited and were given cowboy hats for the show but were told to wait behind whilst everyone got their seats. What could possible be going on???

Cowboy hats

Mickey Mouse and friends; Minnie, Goofy Chip and Dale, had heard there were a special bunch of girls who had come to see the show and they were just too excited to see them so they came out to meet us! It was an extremely exciting time as they all came running towards us for hugs and photos!! 

group photo

After this excitement, we took our seats and waited for the show to begin. Mickey and friends danced and sang and played with horses, buffalo and cattle whilst the cowboys and indians competed to win the title! The room was divided into teams and each team was represented by a different coloured cowboy and our cowboy won!! We enjoyed the show a lot! 

The wild west show.jpg

After a very long day, it was time to head back to the hotel so we could be ready for another exciting day tomorrow!!