Four ecstatic walkers

Posted by   Sandra on    October 1, 2014

The four successful assessees

Once again Cornwall had a good presence at the Region walking weekend on Dartmoor. Although no-one was doing the training course this time, four had returned to do the assessment for Level 2 which is about leading groups in open countryside. After a very full weekend they were told that had all passed - they couldn't stop smiling as they emerged! They had all worked very hard during the last year to improve their skills and gain the necessary experience, and deserve hearty congratulations. However, this isn't the end - they still have to do a 16 hour outdoor Fist Aid course, and lead an assessed walk when they put all their skills into practice, in order to complete the qualification.

Passing Hay Tor

There were three other walkers from Cornwall on the weekend, but doing leisure walks. One of them also went on the training course last year, but has not been able to fit in so many practice walks. She will be able to count the two weekend walks towards the number she needs, and she was able to practise some skills she wasn't too sure of. The weather was variable, but dry, and the walks too were varied. There's so much to see on Dartmoor, including history, archaeology and of course the landscape.

At the beehive hut