Join Us!

Posted by   rachael on    May 16, 2016

I never was a Rainbow,
     nor a Brownie, or a Guide.
I never made a promise
    and I never camped outside!
I never earned any badges,
    or took part in Parades.
I'd never been canoeing,
    or grass sledging or in caves.
I never sang around campfires,
    no shmores did I make,
but all this has seemed to strangely change,
    now I'm nearing forty eight!
Each week is very different,
    an activity or a craft,
I've been along to a sailing club,
    and even built a raft!
I've been away on pack holiday,
    I've swam in the Olympic pool.
I've attended County and District days,
    feels like I've done it all!
So if you were never a Rainbow,
    nor a Brownie, nor a Guide,
You know, it's not too late to join us,
    You'd love it if you tried.
So however old you think you are,
    if you’re still young at heart,
Why not join Girlguiding?
​    Don’t just watch - take part!