Winners at the 'Big Gig'!

Posted by   Sandra on    October 11, 2014

Happy faces at the Big Gig

The ‘Big Gig’ is the sell-out pop concert for Guides and Girlguiding members aged ten and up! A coachload went up from the St Austell area to the Wembley Arena. Their organiser has this to say:

"Leaving St Austell at 4.30am was not a very nice thought on a cold dark wet winters morning, but all the girls arrived awake, at least. They brought their pillows, blankets and then came the food!! Some brought enough food to last the whole week, we definitely were not going to go hungry on our long trip to Wembley. We were joined on the coach by our friends from Mevagissey Guides, Roche Guides and 1st St Austell Senior Section.

We had a good trip and arrived with plenty of time to spare, so took a wander around the outside of Wembley stadium and had our photo taken by Bobby Moore’s statue. The excitement was building as the time was getting close to go and queue up to get into Wembley Arena.

Wearing their 'Where's Wally' tee shirts

On the way we stopped to take a photo of 6th St Austell Guides and Mevagissey Guides and 2nd St Austell Senior Section in their “Where’s Wally” t-shirts. I had noticed on the GGUK website a comment about entering a photo if your unit was wearing funky outfits. Now the only problem for me was that the entry had to be sent by “twitter” !!! Oh dear a foreign language, but to my rescue came the Senior Section girls who tweeted the photo. To our amazement we had a tweet back to say we had won.  Now we all thought we would get a small gift, but a man arrives with a huge box full of goodies, Big Gig bags, headbands, phone covers, etc for each girl.  The girls were made up and so excited, all this and the concert hadn’t begun.

We enjoyed the concert seeing many artists but I think the highlight for the girls was Diversity. No sooner had we started than the concert was over and our long journey home, but well worth getting up early and arriving home late. They all want to know when the next concert is, a real highlight in the Guiding calendar and makes the girls realise what a big organisation they belong to and for many it’s also a first concert."

Paula Volkner, 6th St Austell Guides and 2nd St Austell Senior Section